Thursday, 26 November 2009

Incredible Pakistan - Videos from 2009

Christian Rankl just put up some great footage of his trips in Pakistan this year. I'm going again next year and have some projects in the planning stages, I may even take the video camera. Check it out.

Paragliding in Pakistan from Christian Rankl on Vimeo.

Also have a look at the 2009 Pakistan Expedition by Demian, Rufo and Romain. Fantastic!

And Matty Senior with Brad et al.


Talha said...

The new face of my country shown by you. Thanks mate :-D

Colin Hawke said...

Hey, no worries; I've travelled all over the world and I have to say despite the troubles I've yet to visit a friendlier country. I had a wonderful time in 2008 shown real genuine hospitality
and really want to spend more time there. You've really had it bad lately exacerbated by the floods. I wish and hope 2011 brings Pakistan some normality with peace and happiness.